Software Entwicklung & IT Sourcing

Java Eclipse RCP development


Be part of a team that develops and maintains Java-based applications to support business requirements in Tools Development area. The application is used world-wide as a graphical editor for C code.

The features of the application include the following:

  • Graphical editing using GEF, including drag-drop functionality
  • C code parsing and analyzing using CDT
  • Various search capabilities
  • Syntax coloring and highlighting
  • Programmatic refactoring

  • Experience gained with Eclipse RCP: internal structure of an Eclipse application, lifecycle, implementation steps, debugging
  • Experience gained with software development process methodologies (test driven)
  • Get acquainted with additional development tools (e.g. source-versioning, profilers)
  • Get a grip on design patterns and other best practices

  • Good understanding of OOP
  • Good Java programming skills
  • Eclipse RCP is a plus
Selection process

  • Send an as complete as possible CV, outlining any experience close to the requirements list. A letter of intent might be a plus
  • 30 minutes technical interview focused on the requirements above

This project must be prefaced with a period of getting to know the application and the required Eclipse RCP mechanisms, thus it is not suitable for a 3 weeks practice period. The duration can be anywhere between 6 and 12 weeks, at a minimum of 4 hours daily.