Software Entwicklung & IT Sourcing

.NET TimeTracker development


Implement a brand new application, intended to keep track of the hours worked on projects in a software development company. The users should be taken from company’s Active Directory.​

The features of the application include the following:

  • Allow creation, editing and deleting of system entities, depending on certain rules
  • Summarize worked hours per various criteria
  • Create monthly and project reports
  • Export data to Excel
  • Optional: implement communication with another internal application.

  • Experience with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery
  • Experience with ASP.NET/MVC ASP.NET
  • Get acquainted with development tools (e.g. source-versioning, profilers, web technologies)
  • Get a grip on design patterns and other best practices

  • Good understanding of OOP
  • Good Java or C# programming skills
  • Visual Studio experience is a plus
Selection process

  • Send an as complete as possible CV, outlining any experience close to the requirements list. A letter of intent might be a plus
  • 30 minutes technical interview focused on the requirements above

This internship consists of two phases, each being approximately one month long: (1) learning and (2) building the application. However, depending on intern’s existing experience, results can be accomplished on a 4 hours daily schedule